Andrew D. Owens

Founder, Principal Aerospace Technologist, & Industrial Psychologist

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Aerospace Technology Contracting Services 

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Protoflight Solutions, LLC was founded in 2014 setting out to offer new aerospace technology services using highly skilled professionals within a results driven and agile organization.  We primarily serve the aerospace sector with both private and select civil space customers.   Our services include design, testing, and evaluation of prototype flight hardware and other supporting strategic and technical consulting.  By leveraging hand picked teams from our network and customizing contract types for each client, Protoflight Solutions can efficiently tackle the most challenging technology developments.

Aerospace is our passion 

We offer technology prototype development services primarily to customers within the aerospace sector.  Although a large portion of the aerospace industry supports the further development of military and defense related technology, Protoflight Solutions is committed to building technology that helps to expand the frontiers of knowledge and directly improves the quality of life here on Earth and beyond.  It is part of our charter to not participate in technology developments that have exclusive or single use for defense or other military related activities.  

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