consulting SERVICES

PROTOFLIGHT SOLUTIONS provides specialty consulting services for projects that need highly specialized or non-traditional support.  Typical consulting project deliverables are around a few months up to one year.  Work arrangements vary; however, we aim to provide results using a transparent consulting status model.  Each of our consulting areas shown below offers high end support.  Contact us today to see if PROTOFLIGHT SOLUTIONS may be able to accelerate your project or mission.

technical CONSULTING

If you need help with your LabVIEW application, test platform, or are in need of aerospace technology expertise, a consulting arrangement presents an opportunity to receive customized and expedient help.  PROTOFLIGHT SOLUTIONS offers consultation for spacecraft testing and related hardware-software development.  We focus on technology support that can offer maximum impacts in relatively short project lengths.  The following list represents our top areas of expertise open for technical consultation agreements. 

  • LabVIEW Development (1)

  • Embedded Software Development 

  • FPGAs & Embedded Systems

  • Aerospace Technology Subject Matter Expertise

  • Testing Programs & Processes

  • Technical Writing

 (1) LabVIEW is a trademark of National Instruments. Neither Protoflight Solutions, nor any software programs or other goods or services offered by Protoflight Solutions, are affiliated with, endorsed by, or sponsored by National Instruments.





Our strategic consulting services leverage Industrial Psychology and Decision Thinking to provide unique insight into the aerospace technology sector.  Having a combination of industry context and related subject matter expertise is a unique skillset that PROTOFLIGHT SOLUTIONS utilizes to help organizations learn how to deliver prototype results and maintain humanistic work cultures.  A list of common focus areas for strategic consulting services is included below:

  • Leadership and Group Behavior​

  • ​Strategic Planning for Agile Environments

  • Decision Quality & Analysis

  • Collaborative Decision-Making & Negotiation

  • Strategic Innovation & Design Thinking

  • Organizational Development

  • Personnel Selection & Aptitude Testing

  • Job Satisfaction and Group Motivation​