Have you ever wondered why a given team combination was successful or not? Was there ever a time where your job didn't seem like work? Do you ever wonder why some organizations seem to have clearly communicated goals and objectives while others may keep this information private? These are just some of the questions an Industrial Psychologist might be asked to quantify or address. ​

Our strategic consulting services leverage Industrial Psychology and Decision Thinking to provide unique insight into the aerospace technology sector.  Having a combination of industry context and related subject matter expertise is a unique skillset that PROTOFLIGHT SOLUTIONS utilizes to help organizations learn how to deliver prototype results and maintain humanistic work cultures.  Our strategic consultations will help improve technology teams and organizational alignments that result in measurable productivity and e.  A list of common focus areas for strategic consulting services is included below:

  • Leadership and Group Behavior​

  • ​Strategic Planning for Agile Environments

  • Decision Quality & Decision Analysis

  • Collaborative Decision-Making & Negotiation

  • Strategic Innovation & Design Thinking

  • Value-Driven Risk Management

  • Organizational Development

  • Personnel Selection & Aptitude Testing

  • Job Satisfaction and Group Motivation​

  • Employee Retention



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STRATEGIC CONSULTING for creating smarter technology teams & organizations